Monday, November 29, 2010

Exit 0 Jeffersonvlle, Indiana

I had been hearing for awhile now about a group that helps the homeless at Exit 0 in Jeffersonville. This past Sunday a new friend Litha Sonner was telling me and another good friend Trish Hodges about going down on Monday evenings to take food and other supplies to help out the homeless. The Trish and I both found it interesting and thought it would be something our life group would be interested in taking part in. Well today while doing homework I got to a point where I evaluated what still had to be done, I felt an overwhelming nudge that I was to go help Litha and her group this evening at Exit 0. Part of me was like I've got homework, I don't want to get out today, but still felt like I was supposed to go. So, I did!

I parked at the Waffle House there in Jeffersonville and went in to use the restroom and get me a cherry coke before getting started. When I ordered my drink I asked the server how much I owed, he sat the drink down and looked at me and said it's on the house. I knew from there it was going to be a good night. I walked across the street and met up with the group; we set up for dinner and served! I was at the beginning, Bean soup or Chili. As the line progressed several asked for Chili, and Litha asked if I had enough I was like “oh yeah, I think so,” Litha laughed and commented that it was like the never ending container of Chili. Each of those people that came through the line had a smile on their face, and a thank you.

When we had served the last of the line we walked around and talked to some of them. Everyone was talking and having a great time. Each of them was grateful to have a warm meal to eat. When everyone seemed to be done, boxes of clothing, blankets, and supplies were set out for them to pick through. Each one of them had several things that they walked away with. What little was brought they were thankful to have! Why can’t we be more like that! We have an opportunity to go buy what we want, the latest styles in clothing, warm bedding, and a roof over our house. We buy, buy, buy; why not do with less!

When the last of the people left, we packed up the few remaining things that were left. We were talking about what had happened this evening, and it started to rain, lightly. What perfect timing! When I finally walked to my car and got in I realized how wet my jacket was, and I was a little cold. I sat there in my car, thinking “I’m in my car, I’m getting ready to go to my warm house, and eat dinner and my first thought is my coat is wet and I’m cold.” I looked over to where we had just fed some wonderful people, and thanked God for the opportunity to be his hands and feet.

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