Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Update...

So well, why can I never find just a few minutes to update my blog? I mean, come on, I have time to get on Facebook like 500 times a day through my phone, but can’t log on for just a few minutes just to update a blog. (Ok, just a little exaggerated maybe like a 400).

While I’m on the subject of Facebook, I will admit that I am a Facebook junkie, or a stalker you pick. I always want to know what my friends are up to, see pictures, you know, check everything out. I was texting my cousin Megan and said something about them going to see the Colts play. She was like, How did you know? I told her Sean had posted it earlier on Facebook. Of course I proceeded to tell her I was a Facebook junkie and they needed a 12 step program for it. She agreed and said she was on it a lot too! I told her that the Asher cousins will be the first in line as much as we all are on. Ha ha ha!

I started back to school, I am really excited after this semester I will have 3 classes left. A big 3 classes! I am so excited! I also found out that my cousin Travis will be finishing up in December so he would be able to walk in May 2011 like me! He told me that he wasn’t going to walk, ok just wait till I tell your Mamma! (Ok Aunt Robin now is your time to start working on him!) I think it would be so awesome for the both of us to walk and have the family there.

Anyway… hmm is there anything else I am forgetting? Oh yeah, continuing the update on my life…the 2 classes I am taking are Women’s Health and The History of Rock and Roll and Pop music. I like them both ok I guess. They were not my first choices but I can’t be picky. I am going to look for a summer class but with me starting my new job I will have to see when she schedules her vacation and if I can pull off a summer class, then 2 fall classes. If not, it’s either 3 fall classes or 2 in the fall and 1 in the spring (maybe 2). Like I said earlier, I do have a new job, I will be working for the New Salisbury Post Office, pending background check and drug test. I will be working on Saturdays from 7:30 to Noon, and anytime she takes a vacation. At this point I am not complaining, I need a job and get back to paying into retirement!!! At this point Social Security will not be there so I need a backup!

Still not dating anyone yet, maybe I’m too picky. I don’t think I am. Of course I always figured God would drop him on my doorstep. (OK God, I’m READY!!!) Ha ha! So, if you know any single good looking guys out there send him my way. Requirements: NO criminal record, has a job (and a car), a good job, must want children. Last but not least, can withstand meeting the Asher clan, and not be intimidated.