Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well, here goes another post...

I have a few weeks left of classes, this semester BY FAR has been the hardest. It's not that my classes have been hard, I just lost my umph. I was only out 1 year, but what 1 year does to you! My teacher busted me on my paper last week, she said: "Sandy, I know you don't turn in this kind of work." Long story short she is letting me rewrite my paper, and I explained to her about how tough this semester has been after being out for a year. She totally understood, thank God!

After this semester I will have 5 classes left, 5. Did I say 5? Yes 5. Part of me want's to hibernate for a semester and take all 5 and be done. The other part says, "ARE YOU CRAZY???" you need to make money and have a life. Spring classes are already in stone, I'm going to try to plan out for the fall. I might just take 3 classes and get it done. It depends on what they offer, IUS has been slacking on the upper level courses. URRGH!

Thanksgiving is next week, I am excited. I am even more excited about BLACK FRIDAY! This will be my second year going with the gang! I didn't buy much but had fun going along for the ride. We had so much fun, especially the Urgent Care Center run with Kathy and setting off Megan's car alarm at Wal-mart. (after it had been going off for 15 minutes with Kathy and Robin inside!) Good Times...

I'm excited for what will unfold this year!

More later.